Sequences, Auto-EES, and the diagram tool. Learn about these topics and more in our self-paced training course Simulation Basics.


The Collinear Impact Problem

In this video we solve a collinear impact problem from Fundamentals of Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Volume 2. You will learn how to set up a collision between two vehicles and how to do a data analysis with Virtual CRASH. The simulated results are compared to expected results from hand calculations. This video is narrated.


Example Data Analysis: Uniform Deceleration

In this video we walk you through a step-by-step analysis of an object undergoing uniform deceleration. This video is narrated.


Crush Analysis and Negative Restitution (Daily Example Problem 19.1)

Here we solve example problem 19.1 from "Fundamentals of Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Volume 2" by Daily, Shigemura, an Daily. We review a head-on impact case which requires the use of a crush analysis using the CRASH algorithm. The concept of negative restitution is also discussed. This video is narrated.