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Superior versatility.

Use Virtual CRASH to simulate vehicle collisions, pedestrian impacts, bicycle impacts, motorcycle impacts and more! You can even use the path animation tool to create pure animations without using the simulation engine to control vehicle motion. Import your total station measurements and aerial photographs, draw scale diagrams, build 3D models, perform physics studies, and create absolutely stunning visual aids! Go to demo reel >  

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Blazing fast.

With a fully optimized physics engine and a rigid body dynamics based collision model, you can quickly simulate driving and collision scenarios in just minutes.  


Collision physics.


Whether you're simulating a passenger car colliding with a truck or with a pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or an object you constructed with the 3D CAD tools, Virtual CRASH has the right collision physics model for your simulation. 



Vehicle impact model.

Virtual CRASH uses an impulse-momentum rigid body dynamics model to simulate collisions between vehicles. This model is based on Newton's Laws of physics. Go to example video >


Pedestrian impact model. 

With a multi-contact collision physics model, and superbly optimized code, Virtual CRASH can simulate impacts involving pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists faster than any other tool out there. You have to try it to believe how amazingly fast Virtual CRASH is! Go to example video >



A fully three-dimensional simulator.

Virtual CRASH is a fully three-dimensional simulation tool with true three-dimensional vehicle dynamics modeling built in. You have complete freedom to simulate complex systems of vehicles and composite objects of three-dimensional shapes which can all interact with each other and the environment terrain. Objects can even go airborne and slide, trip, and roll. Go to example video >




Tire force model.

With two tire force models to choose from, you have full control over the saturation slip angles, adhesion values, cornering stiffness vales, and more. 



Suspension model.

The independent damped oscillator suspension is easily adjusted. You have total control over both the spring constants and damping terms, as well as travel. 


Terrain model.

You have the complete freedom to build mesh terrains of any shape in Virtual CRASH. Because of its 3D CAD capabilities, you can build extremely complex simulation environments or import meshes built from point clouds and UAV scans. And because Virtual CRASH is a fully 3D vehicle simulator, you will see true 3D vehicle dynamics in action. Go to example video >


Awesome workflow.


Virtual CRASH is about optimized workflow - from the ability to instantly see the results of changing simulation inputs in real time to the ability to control steering and braking by using the unique fast control icons. You'll converge on a solution for your case in no time.


Import your own vehicles.

If you can't find a suitable exemplar vehicle in our extensive vehicle database, import your own mesh from a third-party source and use it in your simulation - it only takes minutes. You can also import meshes created from 3D scanning devices. This is a great option to show damaged vehicle shells within a scene diagram. Go to example video > 


Fully configurable.



Inertial properties, geometrical size, overall mesh geometry, tire force model parameters, and more - you're in complete control of your simulation. If you find a suitable exemplar vehicle in our vehicle database, but it's not quite the right size for your subject case, simply adjust the geometrical properties of our vehicle and watch as the polygon mesh itself changes size! Go to lesson >


Incredible graphics.

Render your simulation in true High Definition quality with reflective surfaces and ray tracing effects. Only professional animators can come close to creating the stunning look and feel of Virtual CRASH animations. Go to demo reel >


Data at your fingertips.


Use the reports creation tool, create graphs, or just use the fast display window. You can monitor all the relevant data for your simulation.

Learn it fast.


Let the Virtual Tutor take over your desktop and show you how to perform the task you need to finish. Open the Virtual Tutor infographic > 


Or visit the vCRASH, Academy site and watch hours of training videos for free. Of course, you can also email the support team. With these fantastic options, you'll be using Virtual CRASH like a pro in no time!  Go to the vCRASH Academy >

Unleash your imagination.


In Virtual CRASH, you have the complete freedom to modify any mesh object in your simulation. Need to create an occupant kinematics visualization? Take one of the vehicle models from our database and remove unneeded body panels and other elements to create the perfect visual aid for trial.  Go to example video >


As you learn more of the incredible breadth of Virtual CRASH's functionality, you'll become amazed at the freedom and flexibility you have to build and study unique accident scenarios. It's not just a motor vehicle crash simulator! Go to example video > 


Build complex accident scenes using imported dxf files. Use Virtual CRASH for your next case involving issues related to biomechanics. You'll be amazed! Go to example video > 


Incredibly affordable.

No bait and switch advertising and no additional module fees. You are getting a fully 3D vehicle collision and dynamics simulation tool with pedestrian impact model, CAD, 3D modeling capabilities, and stunning HD animations for an incredibly low price. Go to pricing > 




Use Virtual CRASH on as many computers as you would like, desktop or laptop, it doesn’t matter. You won’t be restricted to a single computer. With our easy USB security key system, you can take Virtual CRASH wherever you need to go! 



Virtual CRASH 4 is built on the Virtual CRASH 3 platform, but brings you even more functionality such as direct point cloud importing, easy surface building, Google Earth, Smart HUD, 360 degree virtual reality video, and more! Learn more about Virtual CRASH 4 >


Validated. Court approved. 


Virtual CRASH based simulation results have been successfully introduced in courts throughout the United States.



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