A Perfect Solution for CG Artists and Professional Animators


Use physics to simulate vehicle impacts

✔ Simulate vehicle dynamics and collisions in 3D

✔ Easily export (x,y,z,yaw,pitch,roll) versus time data

✔ Large vehicle database included

✔ Import and customize vehicle models

✔ Easily adjust vehicle size and inertial properties

✔ Real-time feedback from physics engine


Generate path animations

✔ Create pure animations without using the simulation engine to control vehicle motion

✔ Specify key positions and orientations along the vehicle trajectories

✔ Export animated motion path data


Pedestrian impacts

Virtual CRASH can quickly and easily simulate impacts involving pedestrians

✔ Drag and drop pedestrian model and pose

✔ Adjustable height, weight, and gender

✔Quickly visualize results




Simulate articulating vehicles with ease. 

✔ No limit to number of trailers

✔ Adjustable hitch position

✔ Simulate load shifting cargo

✔ Instantly visualize off-tracking



Motorcycle and bicycle impacts

The multibody collision physics model is unbelievably fast. Set up your motorcycle or bike impact scenario in minutes and get immediate results. 


Create awesome custom environments

Import total station data, point clouds from scanners and drones, and build surface terrains from your measurements.

With the CAD tools in Virtual CRASH, you can create beautiful scale diagrams directly within the simulation environment. 

Import your terrain mesh in 3DS or DXF format from whatever third-party application you like to use. 





With the Easy Surface Builder tool, only in Virtual CRASH 4, you can quickly create complex terrain meshes from point cloud data. The data can come from scanners or drones, it doesn't matter.



Virtual CRASH 4 also brings you Google Earth fully integrated into the user interface. Easily download aerial photos and terrain elevation data.





With the huge amount of free training content at the vCRASH Academy, live webinars, and classroom training events, you'll learn Virtual CRASH in no time.