The Ideal Tool for Insurance Professionals

A powerful multipurpose tool

Virtual CRASH is an incredibly versatile multipurpose tool. You'll simply be amazed at how many types of accident cases you can simulate.

✔ Simulate car crashes

✔ Simulate pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents

✔ Simulate accidents involving commercial vehicles

✔ Mishaps involving the human body


User interface

With its easy to use and intuitive user interface, Virtual CRASH is the ideal application for insurance professionals who need to assess liability and severity of accident cases quickly. You don't need to be an engineer or Ph.D. to run Virtual  CRASH simulations. It's easy. 

✔ Easy to set up

✔ Simple to change weights and vehicle properties

✔ Fast access to speed-change ("Delta-V") information

✔ Quickly run "what-if" scenarios

✔ Generate compelling visual aids for your presentations

Beyond motor vehicle collsions

Simulate more than just motor vehicle accidents. With Virtual CRASH you can also simulate other mishaps involving the human body. 

✔ Simulate accidents involving the human body

✔ Easy access to speed data for any body part