Bring Virtual CRASH into the Classroom


Real-time physics at your fingertips 

Do you teach classical mechanics at the high school or college level? Try using Virtual CRASH to supplement your lesson plans. Your students will love the real-time interaction and engagement. Don't just teach your students physics on the chalkboard, let them engage and interact with the laws of motion in real time.


3D Projectile Motion

Virtual CRASH is a 3D physics simulator. Launch objects off of ramps, or simply give them initial vertical velocity components, then study the resulting projectile motion in real-time. Watch the graphical output update as you increase launch speed and launch angle. 



Import your objects, give them initial speeds, and watch them go. You can access the (x,y,z) data versus time and relate simulated performance to hand calculations. 


Collision physics

Virtual CRASH uses rigid body dynamics to simulate collisions between objects. Collision simulations are fast, intuitive, and easy to compare with standard hand calculations using conservation of momentum.