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Welcome to the vCRASH Academy!

At vCRASH Academy, we'll keep you informed with the latest information, lessons, and tutorials on Virtual CRASH products. Click on our User's Guide and videos below to get started! New lessons will be uploaded frequently. Be sure to visit the Training Page to learn about opportunities for live Virtual CRASH training. 



Quick Reference Links




User's Guide | Virtual CRASH 3 | Virtual CRASH 4

Here you will find tutorials, tips and tricks, and mathematical support for Virtual CRASH. To get started using Virtual CRASH, watch the videos below, and work through tutorials in the User's Guide. A printer friendly pdf edition is also available >



You can find more tips and tricks on the vCRASH Blog


Knowledge Base

Find out what other Virtual CRASH 3 users are asking and learn the answers.


Vehicles & Objects List | Virtual CRASH 3 | Virtual CRASH 4

Here you will find the list of unique vehicles and objects mesh shapes in the Virtual CRASH database. Because there are thousands of vehicles defined in the Virtual CRASH software database which use a generic vehicle mesh, vCRASH, Americas, Inc. recommends users first locate a suitable exemplar vehicle  from the Vehicles & Objects List pdf file, and then find the corresponding vehicle within Virtual CRASH database in the left side control panel; this will guarantee that your selected vehicle have the desired mesh shape. It is also recommended the user review and adjust vehicle geometrical sizes, cg and wheel positions, as well as inertial properties as appropriate for the subject case. 


Be sure to check the Gallery in the left-side control panel for North Arrows, Scale Bars, and other useful 2D shapes and 3D models. We're constantly adding new models and shapes for our users!



Vehicle Specifications

Find the specifications for your vehicle here. Based on the Canadian Vehicle Specifications (CVS) Database.



The search tool is a great way to find information on the website. The search tool will include results from the User's Guide, Blog, and Knowledge Base. If your search comes up no results, trying simplifying your search phrase. For example, instead of searching "How do I change my vehicle's weight?" try "vehicle weight".