See what some of our customers have been saying about Virtual CRASH!


"Collision reconstruction experts have a variety of software tools in the industry to choose from when performing the necessary tasks required to conduct their analysis.  Over the years I have built-up a tool set of software packages that I use when conducting my investigations. Since I began using Virtual CRASH 4, it has become my tool of choice.  It handles everything from basic scene measurement data entry and import, to advanced tasks such as importing and working with multiple 3D laser scan point clouds.  It also has a built-in Google Earth image and terrain draping tool, or you can import and scale aerial photos from UAV cameras for use as textures for geometry or as overlays for point clouds. 

Virtual CRASH performs highly detailed physics analysis and 3D simulations of collisions involving vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians and objects.  It also provides the ability to perform custom 3D animations with the option of incorporating vehicle to object interactions as simulations with realistic results.  The simulations and animations are easily exported as high definition videos for presentation and the simulation data is displayed nicely in reports or graphically within the detailed diagram tool.  The data can also be easily exported for further analysis in other programs, such as Excel.         

The Virtual CRASH website provides a vast library of video tutorials, blog posts, reference links, knowledge base posts and an up to date on-line user’s guide to assist users with their work.

I highly recommend Virtual CRASH software to everyone in the traffic crash reconstruction industry!"              

Dennis L. O’Brien,  ACTAR #2218, Forensic Crash Specialists, Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I have been using Virtual CRASH for more than 10 years in the reconstruction of vehicular and pedestrian accidents. The solutions have been developed and verified against known experimental data bases and provide accurate and intuitive solutions for use in Forensic applications, both in analysis as well as a basis for testimony."

Jon O. Jacobson, Ph.D., P.E., Consulting Mechanical & Forensic Engineer, Seattle, WA

"I have been using Virtual Crash for at least 10 years. The software enables me to reconstruct pedestrian vehicle crashes as well as vehicle to vehicle and multiple vehicles crashes with confidence and accuracy. The multibody model does not sag during the pre-crash time and reacts realistically when contact is made. The forward movement of the vehicles and multibodies allows for easy and quick results which reduces iteration time. I recommend Virtual Crash for anyone performing accident reconstruction."

Michael Kravitz, P.E., Consulting & Forensic Engineer, Past President of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, New York, NY


"Virtual Crash 3 is a powerful physics simulator tailored for accident reconstruction. There are a ton of features that make Virtual Crash 3 a very versatile program. The programmers did an excellent job making it possible to create a first-time simulation in minutes. Technical support is excellent and there are many on-line videos and documents to help the user accomplish tasks related to accident reconstruction. This program is a winner!"

Andrew Rich, BSME, ACTAR, Principal, Rich Consulting, LLC, Fairlawn, Ohio

“Virtual CRASH is by far the best "tool" in my kit.  Simple and very easy to use, it gives me answers within minutes. By far the best reconstruction software I have utilized in over 20 years.”

Kevin L. Huberdeau, P.Eng., Senior Forensic Engineer, St. Albert, Canada

"As a traffic crash instructor for over 25 years, I had been looking for a physics simulator that would assist me in presenting staged crash testing and real world crashes to my students. With Virtual Crash 3, I now have the ability to explain the physics behind the techniques used in traffic crash reconstruction. The on-line videos give step by step instructions, making it very easy to understand, demonstrate and use the program."

Tony L. Becker, ACTAR #354, Becker Consulting, Principal Reconstructionist, Jacksonville, FL


"When I first tried Virtual CRASH 3.0, I knew I had stumbled upon a truly unique and powerful, yet seemingly not well known, physics simulation tool for accident reconstruction. With its beautifully rendered animations, and fast and fluid simulations of pedestrian impacts, it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen out there. As a user of Articulated Total Body and the other typical tools of the trade, Virtual CRASH is a welcome change away from those old packages."

Bob Scurlock, Ph.D., ACTAR #2412, Physicist and Principal Reconstructionist, Scurlock Scientific Services, LLC, University of Florida, Department of Physics, Newberry, FL

"I was first introduced to Virtual CRASH in August 2015. Of particular interest was how well the software models pedestrian experiments conducted during our training courses. Surprisingly, the Virtual CRASH software reflected our staged pedestrian crash experiments quite accurately. I was impressed enough to download, evaluate, and eventually purchase this software. Virtual CRASH has become a valuable reconstruction tool to simulate, as well as demonstrate the various crash dynamics for many crash scenarios. Virtual CRASH needs to be on everyone’s wish list. Well done!"

M. W. (Mike) Reade, C, Forensic Reconstruction Specialists Inc., Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada


"I’m working with Virtual CRASH to generate short clips that can be used to elicit emotional reactions in psychological experiments. I needed stimulus materials that would have clearly different emotional meanings – an accident and a close escape, say – while remaining near-identical in terms of where, when, and how the situation unfolds. Even though I lack a background in accident reconstruction I found Virtual CRASH easy to use and very well suited for this unintended purpose!"

Andero Uusberg, former Post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University, Stanford, California