Virtual CRASH Pricing

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Start reconstructing your accident cases in full 3D with Virtual CRASH 3 for as little as $3,100!


Pricing Table 

Feature Virtual CRASH 3 Virtual CRASH 4***
No update fees. Ever! Yes Yes
3D vehicle dynamics and collision simulations Yes Yes
Tractor-Trailer Simulations Yes Yes
Lighting fast pedestrian impact simulations Yes Yes
Motorcycle & Bicycle crash simulations Yes Yes
Easily import total station data Yes Yes
Large library of vehicles Yes Yes
Render animations in 2D or 3D Yes Yes
CAD features. Make amazing diagrams. Yes Yes
Customize your vehicles Yes Yes
Unique Virtual Tutor system Yes Yes
Easily import your own 3D models Yes Yes
Make your own vehicles Yes Yes
Incredible "HD" animation output with ray tracing Yes Yes
Create your own terrain Yes Yes
Auto-driver system Yes Yes
3D Modeling capabilities Yes Yes
Many rendering and drawing options Yes Yes
Amazing multibody physics simulations Yes Yes
Import Aerial and Scale diagrams Yes Yes
User-specified numerical integration methods Yes Yes
Import Point Clouds No Yes
Path Animations No Yes
Google Earth Integration with Terrain Elevation Map No Yes
Improved User Interface No Yes
Improved CAD tools No Yes
Virtual reality videos No Yes
360-degree videos No Yes
4K ultra-high-definition videos No Yes
Volumetric lighting No Yes
Adjustable sun position No Yes
Price for Single License $3,100 USD* $6,200 USD*
Second & Third Additional License $1,999 USD* $3,999 USD*
Fourth or More Additional License $1,499 USD* $2,999 USD*

Upgrading from Virtual CRASH 3 to Virtual CRASH 4

Number of Licenses Total Cost to Upgrade
1 license $3,100 USD
2 licenses $5,100 USD
3 licenses $7,100 USD
4 licenses $8,600 USD
5 licenses $10,100 USD

Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0 or higher. Microsoft DirectX version 9.0 or OpenGL. CPU: Pentium 1 GHz. 256 MB RAM.      

Payment Methods: Check, wire transfer, credit card, debit card, or p-card        

Other Notes:

Multi-key bundle pricing is intended to lower the average cost per license for the purchasing organization; therefore, multi-key bundle licenses will be created under purchasing organization’s name. For example, “Smith & Associates, LLC #1”, “Smith & Associates, LLC #2”, etc. 

*Price includes one year of free technical support with new purchase, $500 each additional year or $20 per inquiry.   

***Virtual CRASH 4 is now available for purchase.