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Article Number: 23 | Post Date: December 16, 2016 | Last Updated: December 16, 2016

How does one enable pedestrian-tire or rigid body-tire interactions? 

By default, your vehicles in Virtual CRASH 3 will interact only with terrain objects – either the x-y plane or 3D wireframe mesh that’s explicitly declared a terrain object via Physics > Make Terrain from Selection. This is part of the superfast optimization of the Virtual CRASH physics engine. There are instances however, when you may want the tires to interact with other rigid body objects that are not terrain objects – such as multibodies or trailers (for trailered vehicles). Such as the case shown below.

To enable the contact wheels option, simply select the rigid body object you wish to have interact with vehicle wheels and go to the contacts menu in the left side control panel. This is demonstrated in the figure below. Here we first select the multibody model, then enable “contact wheels” in the left side control panel.

In the example below, we created a simple rectangular box and converted it to a rigid body object. We then selected it and enabled “contact wheels.”

To simulate vehicles atop trailers, simply select the trailer object and enable “contact wheels.”

Remember, you must enable the “contact wheels” feature for the object you wish to have interact with vehicle wheels within your simulation. For terrain objects, such as the x-y plane, or imported wireframe meshes converted to terrains via the “Make Terrain from Selection” option, Virtual CRASH automatically enables tire interactions, and so you’ll notice the “contact wheels” option missing from the contact menu.

Keep in mind the default tire model assumes that contact occurs only at the contact patch, along the local z-axis, where the tire meets with the terrain or rigid body object beneath it. If your case requires either sidewall interaction or interaction forward of the contact patch, you may want to use rigid body wheels. This video shows the process of installing rigid body wheels:

The following three examples show interacts with rigid body wheels:

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