Creating Wheelchairs and Other Objects

Learn how to create a wheelchair starting from a third-party polygon mesh. You'll also learn how to correct issues related to pivot point placement and orientation.  


Modifying Vehicle Properties

Learn how to modify vehicle weight, size, CG position, add fixed cargo. You'll also see how to add free cargo to a pickup truck. This video is not narrated. 


Importing Custom Vehicle Models

This video shows you how to import your own custom vehicle model shell into Virtual CRASH. This video is annotated but not narrated.


Crushing Vehicle Shells

You have total control over your vehicle meshes in Virtual CRASH. This video demonstrates how to crush the vehicle shell using the mesh vertices. This can be very useful for your crash diagrams. This video is not narrated.


Editing Material

Learn how to modify the visual properties of the vehicle polygon mesh. This video is not narrated. 


Adding Rigid Body Wheels to Vehicles

Learn how to add rigid body (solid) wheels to your vehicle. Be aware that rigid body wheels will not use the tire force model. This video is not narrated or annotated