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How do I make a custom traffic sign in Virtual CRASH?

It's very easy to create your own traffic sign in Virtual CRASH. First, let's find a traffic sign from the internet. We'll use a sign for I-75 from Wikipedia (

Note this sign has a shield shape, and needs to be saved in png format, which will preserve the transparent portions of the image outside of the sign's area. Keep in mind jpg and gif files can also be used.

Next, in Virtual CRAHS 3, go to Create > Extended Primitives 3D > Traffic Sign. 

Now left-click and hold in your environment, then drag your mouse upward to create a sign object, then release.

Virtual CRASH 3 comes with a library of signs which can be found in the Gallery:

Simply find the sign you want to use, left-click hold and drag and drop on top of the triangular sign you created previously within the environment. You will then be asked if you wish to change the sign. Press "Yes."

Returning to our downloaded sign from the internet, you can simply drag the Windows icon for the downloaded image file onto the sign in the environment, just as you did for the stop sign from the Gallery as shown above.

Again, press "Yes" to replace the sign with your image file. 

Finally, you can adjust the sign post length as measured from the x-y plane to the bottom of the sign itself using the "height" input field in the sign's property menu. The height of the sign itself is controlled with the "length" input, and the sign's width is controlled with its "width" input. You can also modify the position and orientation of the sign using the controls in the left-side control panel. Notice the transparent sections of the original png file are preserved, as the sign is shaped like a shield as shown below.

Note, if you set the height = 0, then your sign post will not extend beyond the bottom edge of your sign. This is a nice and quick way to make other types of signs. For example, below we show another sign downloaded from the internet, where the height was set to 0 length. Cylinders were used to create the sign support structure.  

Below is a video demonstrating how quickly one can create a new sign by first conducting a Google search:

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