Chapter 3 | Printing Scenes



In Virtual CRASH 3, the print command can be found by going to Project > Print or by using the print command icon in the lower toolbar.

Project > Print

When the user left-clicks on the “Print” command icon, the print dialog box will appear with the print options.

The printing function will automatically print the current view of the simulation environment. If the user wishes to print to scale, the scale can be set using the preset scale options accessible by pressing the lower toolbar print icon. Note the scale is only shown for projective views (top, bottom, front, back, left and right).

The scale is indicated in the upper right corner of the printed image, and the license information is shown in the upper left corner.

Note it is possible to print at any time-step in the simulation by using the time slider in the bottom right corner.

 Before printing, the scene can be pre-rendered for improved realism and image quality by first setting the scale as shown previously, then rendering the scene, and finally issuing the print command.

The user can set additional options, such as title, legend, comments and border, by going to the left side control panel and pressing the “report” button in the “properties” menu.

The printing procedure can be seen on the following video:

Project > Print Preview

“Print Preview” is useful for setting the location and scale of project simulations.


Project > Page Setup

The “Page Setup” command allows the user to set the page size, margins, and the page orientation - portrait or landscape mode.

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