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Vehicle dynamics and collision simulator.


At its core, Virtual CRASH 3 is a vehicle dynamics and collision simulation tool that has been refined for accident reconstructionists. Using rigid body dynamics in its physics engine allows for extremely fast workflow, and since the calculations are "closed-form" equations from classical physics, your simulation solutions are extremely easy to correlate with standard accident reconstruction methods. Go to example video >


Set the stage.


Whether it's total station measurements or terrain meshes built from UAV or scanner data, you can import it into Virtual CRASH 3 and use it in your simulation. 


Terrain meshes. Convert your laser scan or UAV data to a terrain mesh and import the dxf or 3ds file into Virtual CRASH 3. You can simulate your vehicles driving directly on top of your terrain mesh using true 3D physics. Go to example video >


Total Station measurements. Easily import your total station measurements and incorporate them into your diagram and simulation. Go to example video >


Aerial photographs. It takes just seconds to import and scale your aerial images. Go to example video >


Build complex roadways. Build your own custom roadways in full 3-D and add custom grades and crowns to your road surfaces. Go to example video >


Orthographic views. You can switch the camera from perspective to orthographic view to help perfect your road design and make amazing visual aids. Go to example video >


Simulate motorcycle, bike, and pedestrian impacts.


The multibody collision physics model is unbelievably fast. Set up your motorcycle, bike, or pedestrian impact simulations in minutes, and get immediate results. 


Motorcycle crash simulations. Sit the multibody model on your motorcycle and quickly and easily simulate your motorcycle crash case. Go to example video >


Bicycle crash simulations. Just like simulating motorcycle crashes, simulating bicycle crashes is extremely easy in Virtual CRASH 3. Go to example video >


Pedestrian impact simulations. Use the optimize feature to let your pedestrian move by kinematics in your simulation until the moment-of-impact. No more sagging and flopping when start your simulation. Go to example video >

Tractor-Trailer simulations.


You can chain together as many trailers as you wish in Virtual CRASH 3. It takes seconds to attach and fine tune your tractor-trailer system. You can even study dynamic load shifting. Go to example video >


Customize your vehicles.


Use a mesh built from a 3D laser scan, from a third-party site, or just modify a vehicle from the Virtual CRASH 3 database. Virtual CRASH 3 offers amazing flexibility and control over your vehicle models.


Import 3D scan meshes. If you have the know-how to create your own vehicle meshes from laser scans or photogrammetry tools, you can import them into Virtual CRASH 3 and use them as your vehicle model. Just import them in as dxf or 3ds format. Go to example video >


Use third-party vehicle meshes. Perhaps you've found the perfect vehicle for your case on a third-party site. As long as you convert it to dxf or 3ds format, you can use it in Virtual CRASH 3! Go to example video > 


Modify. Of course you can fully customize all vehicles in Virtual CRASH 3 to match the overall size of your subject vehicles. You can also modify inertial properties and wheel positions. Go to example video >


Add elements. You can even add custom color patterns and other elements to your vehicles, such as siren lights, push bumpers, and more. There really is no limit in Virtual CRASH 3!

Incredibly versatile. 


Build accident scenes, crime scene diagrams, and more. You can simulate car crashes, falls, and other mishaps.  If you can find the 3D models of objects you need for your scene, you can import it into Virtual CRASH 3, and incorporate them into your physics simulation or diagram. Click image below to go to example video.



Training at the vCRASH Academy.

We provide amazing amounts of free training content online to help you become a Virtual CRASH pro in no time.  Visit the vCRASH Academy and see our 600 page User's Guide, Blog, Knowledge Base, infographics, and training videos. It's all free! 


The workflow.


Virtual CRASH is about optimized workflow - from the ability to instantly see the results of changing simulation inputs in real time to the ability to control steering and braking by using the unique fast control icons. You'll converge on a solution for your case in no time! Open the fast control icons infographic > 


No annual “maintenance” or software update fees!

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