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Article Number: 22 | Post Date: November 22, 2016 | Last Updated: November 22, 2016

How can I incorporate images of buildings into my simulations? 

You can use texture map images on extruded objects. Use the Virtual Tutor feature of Virtual CRASH 3 to learn more by going to help > geoms > extrusion.

Below we will walk you through an example for the storefront used in this video: 

First, let’s start with our storefront image. This image was captured from Google Streetview. 

Now, we need to draw our 2D shape which will be extruded; here we will simply use a filled rectangle. Since we just want to put a panoramic image as a backdrop, we can make the rectangle long and thin. Note, if we wanted to create an actual building however, we would simple make the filled rectangle with the same cross sectional area as the subject building.

 Next, use the extrusion tool to extrude our rectangle along the z axis. 

Next, drag and drop your image file onto the face of the extrusion. 

Finally, in the left side control panel, open the texture-coat menu for the extrusion, and adjust the u size, v size, u offset, and v offset parameters as needed. In this example, we simply set the u size to the length of the filled rectangle object. The v size was set to the extrusion object’s height, and the u offset was set equal to half the rectangle’s length. 

Keep in mind in our example above, the extrusion object inherits its length and width from the filled rectangle, so any adjustments to the extrusions length and width can be made by modifying the parent polygon shape.

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