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Article Number: 20 | Post Date: October 4, 2016 | Last Updated: October 4, 2016

Can a multibody model's skin color and hair be modified in Virtual CRASH 3? 

Skins can be modified by replacing the image file: VirtualCRASH3/shapes/textures/concrete/man1.png with one of the files below, or you can create your own by modifying man1.png in an image editing application. Click on image below to download file.

After downloading the file, change the name to man1.png and move to VirtualCRASH3/shapes/textures/concrete/. You will likely need administrator rights to your computer to modify files in the installation directory. We also recommend you make a copy of the default skin before making any modifications so that you can revert back to the default skin if needed.

No skin

See Chapter Chapter 13, Section: The Naked vCRASH Man of the User's Guide


Simply delete man1.png from VirtualCRASH3/shapes/textures/concrete

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