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Article Number: 18 | Post Date: September 30, 2016 | Last Updated: September 30, 2016

Is it possible to export single frames in Virtual CRASH 3? 

Yes, you can export single frames, either rendered or drawn in draft mode (see Chapter 5 of the User's Guide for more information on the draw and render modes). 

First, let's start by expanding our view screen to maximize our exported image size. Use the arrow button on the left and on the bottom of the environment editor to eliminate the left side control panel and lower information window. 

Next, select the render mode you would like to use. You can also simply export your current draft mode view in which you are currently working. Once you have the desired view you would like to render, go to Project > Export. Here we've first rendered our scene in Skylight mode.

Select one of the image types (png, jpg, bmp, gif) from the pulldown menu. 

Finally, advance the time slider forward to the next frame you would like to export, and repeat the process. Note, if you've rendered a frame using the direct or skylight option, you may have to toggle the Supersamples option to reset your workspace so you can see the simulation evolve as you move the time slider. Just switch to another Supersamples option, and then switch back. This will reveal your workspace in draft mode again.

Here is our sequence of still frames:

Of course we can also export using the draft drawing modes as well:

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