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Article Number: 17 | Post Date: September 28, 2016 | Last Updated: September 28, 2016

How can I simulate trailer separation using Virtual CRASH 3? 

Simulating separation of a tractor-trailer or a trailer connected to any vehicle is very easy in Virtual CRASH 3. Below is an ad video created using the techniques described in this post:

First, let's start by placing a tractor-trailer system into our scene:

Remember to set the cg position of your trailer. You can do this by first selecting the trailer object, then use the Pivot selection type (press Shift-P). Finally, move the cg position along the x-axis by using Restrict to X (press the "1" key). 

Adjust the vertical cg position as well, using Restrict to Z (press the "3" key), or just use the up arrow grip. 

Of course you should also adjust your trailer's inertial properties as needed. Now we are ready to run a simulation of a tractor-trailer separation. Since the tractor-trailer connection is simply a joint object, it has the same breaking options as any joint object in Virtual CRASH 3. Here we will break the connection by time. Note, we could also use force or torque thresholds, but it is often easier to tune your simulation with time as the dependent variable. With your trailer object selected, enable the "use time" option in the trailer menu in the left side control panel.

We now see our trailer detaches from the hitch joint at time = 1 second. 

Once you set up your collision, you can refine your simulation using the time slider:

The procedure is exactly the same for any trailer object. 

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