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Article Number: 71 | VC4 | Post Date: September 8, 2018 | Last Updated: September 8, 2018

How can I use the Easy Surface Builder to create my terrain meshes without removing point cloud points on the periphery so that my trees and buildings will be visible in my animation? I also don't want the Easy Surface Builder to be used on my trees or buildings. 

The Easy Surface Builder tool is extremely fast and easy to use. Often times, if the “remove points” option is used, the bottoms of trees and other objects will disappear from view in the periphery, especially at road intersections where one may want to use a single terrain mesh for the whole scene. One strategy is simply to mesh each intersecting roadway one at a time. Do not use the “remove points” option since you’ll want to keep points within the intersection as you mesh your second roadway. You can then go back and remove points using the Easy Surface Builder tool, section by section. 

The second option, which is also illustrated in this Blog post, is to first mesh the whole scene (again without using “remove points”) and then go back and remove points section by section using the Easy Surface Builder tool again. This is illustrated in the following video: 

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