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Article Number: 63 | VC4 | VC3 | Post Date: May 16, 2018 | Last Updated: May 16, 2018

I have a monochromatic point cloud. How can I set the color of the points in Virtual CRASH?

Currently, there’s no option to specify all point colors in a point cloud globally. However, you can easily use CloudCompare for this purpose (see this KB post on how to download the free CloudCompare app:

Here we see our point cloud in CloudCompare. 

Simply left-click to select your point cloud object in the DB Tree viewer on the left. Then go to Colors > Set Unique. 


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Now, select your color from the pop-up menu.

Here we select red.

Now follow the instructions here to export your data to a pts file. 

Here we see our points imported into Virtual CRASH.

Note, the Colors menu in CloudCompare has a number of options, including Height Ramp, which we see here:

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