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Article Number: 50 | VC4 | VC3 | Post Date: November 14, 2017 | Last Updated: November 6, 2018

Is it possible to make a copy of an object?

Yes. In Virtual CRASH, you can make copies of objects by using the clone function. You can learn more about cloning objects watching the Virtual Tutor lesson: 

help > editing > clone copy


help > editing > clone reference

To use the clone function, simply left-click on your object (or ctrl + left-click to select multiple objects). Next, press the “simple clone” button in the “tools” menu in the left side control panel.

Then, left-click click and hold on the objects to be cloned, then drag your mouse away from the objects, and you will see the cloned objects appear. 

If “use reference” is enabled, the clone objects will continue to inherit their properties from their parent objects. So, if modifications are made to the parent objects, the clone objects will also be modified. 

If “use copy” is enabled, the cloned objects will be decoupled from the parent objects. So, if modifications are made to the parent objects after cloning, these changes will not be inherited by the cloned objects. This is illustrated below. 

Decouple parents and children objects with “make unique”

Note, if you’ve cloned an object using the “use reference” option, but want to decouple it from the parent object so that changes to the parent no longer change the clone or vice versa, simply left-click on your cloned object then left-click on “make unique” in the “convert” menu. In the example below, we’ve created a third clone of our test objects, used “make unique” for the blue vehicle, and then changed its length. Notice the other two blue vehicle lengths do not change since they are decoupled from the third clone.

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