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Article Number: 46 | VC4 | Post Date: November 6, 2017 | Last Updated: November 6, 2017

How can I include crush damage in my simulations and animations?

Crush damage in simulation

Enabling deformations in simulations is discussed in Chapter 10 of the User’s Guide. In simulations, vehicle deformations can be enabled by simply checking the “deform” box in the contact menu of the ees object. This is shown below for a tbone crash.

Below we see a close-up of the rendered damage.

Remember, as discussed in Chapter 10 of the User's Guide, as well as this blog post, the impulse centroid is automatically positioned at the geometrical center of the overlapping vehicle at the moment impulses are exchanged. That moment is controlled by the depth of penetration parameter. The resulting visible deformation is simply the result of deforming the vehicle meshes such that for both vehicles they intersect with the impulse centroid. 

Crush damage in animations

Crush damage can be enabled in animations by using an ees object. Simply stop your animation at the moment you want crush damage to appear, then go to Create > Physics > EES Impulse. Left-click on the first vehicle, hold, and drag your mouse to the second vehicle, then release. A new ees object will then appear in the left side control panel. Enable the deformation option, and adjust the position of the impulse centroid to get the desired crush damage. Remember, the motion of animated objects is pre-determined by your animation path settings; therefore, the impulses themselves will have no effect on the motion of the animated vehicles. Note, the ees object can be used to simulate vehicle collisions as well. 

Since your vehicles are animated, you can wait until they are sufficiently overlapping for your ees object to act on them. This way you do not necessarily need a depth of penetration time greater than 0. It is even possible to use more than one ees object to create more complex crush patterns. The time at which the damage pattern appears can be controlled by the time value in the "timing" menu.

 The process of adding crush damage to animated vehicles is shown below.

Note, the ees object can be used to simulate vehicle collisions as well.

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