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Article Number: 45 | VC4 | Post Date: November 2, 2017 | Last Updated: November 2, 2017

Is it possible to animate a vehicle moving backward?

Yes. Animating a vehicle moving backward is no different than in any other orientation. It’s simply a matter of specifying the vehicle’s orientation on the animation path. 

Below we see our vehicle with the default template animation path. 

In this example, we’ll not worry about modifying our animation path sequences, and we’ll just focus on the vehicle orientation. Note, we’re in interpositions selection mode in order to change our vehicle’s orientation.

While in interpositions selection mode, simply hover your mouse over the animated vehicle to reveal the x,y,z axes rotation grips. Left-click and on the z axis grip to modify the yaw angle of the vehicle. See animation below. 

In reponse to the first interposition entry, the yaw orientation of the vehicle will stay at that fixed angle throughout the animation path. So to animate a vehicle moving backward, one can simply change the yaw angle to -180 degrees either with the mouse control grip or by manual entry in the path animation object's interpositions menu in the left side control panel. To transition to another yaw angle, simply insert another interposition, as shown below.

In the example below, we’re attempting to match the simulated motion of the red car, which is accelerating while in reverse. The animated blue car is now using forward-time evaluation, with distance offset set to 0 feet. We’ve inserted acceleration, deceleration, and uniform sequences into the animation path. Using the diagram tool, we examine the velocity versus time curves for the simulated (red) and animated (blue) vehicles so we can fine-tune the animated acceleration and deceleration rates and distances to better match the overall motion of the simulated vehicle. This is shown below.

Below we see the final animation.

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