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Article Number: 36 | VC3 | Post Date: May 20, 2017 | Last Updated: May 20, 2017

There are a lot of vehicles in the database that reuse the generic hatchback mesh. Is there a way to filter out those vehicles from the database so I can quickly access only those vehicles with custom meshes?

As mentioned in the Prelude of the User’s Guide, there are over 350 unique objects in the Virtual CRASH database. The full vehicle and objects list is available online at: It is recommended to always consult this list first before starting a project to find the best matches for your subject vehicles.

You can also reorganize the database list of objects by various categories in the left side control panel. To see the available categories, simply right-click in the area above the objects list (within the area outlined by the red box below).

A pop-up menu will appear showing the various categories that can be used. 

With your mouse’s scroll wheel, scroll down to the bottom, and left-click on the box next to “3d shape.”

You will then see “3d shape” appear next to “model” (see red box below). Left-click, hold, and drag the “3d shape” box and attach it to the hierarchy tree diagram. 

Now, as you expand various manufacturer lists, you will see which the 3D geometry files (vcm) are available to use. Simply expand the shape file, left-click on the model name, and drag and drop into the 3D workspace as always. 

Using this technique essentially filters out from the list those models that do not have a unique associated vcm file (those that reuse the generic vehicle mesh). 

The video below further illustrates this process.

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