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Article Number: 30 | VC3 | VC4 | Post Date: March 10, 2017 | Last Updated: March, 10 2017

I’m trying to adjust the heading of my tractor-trailer to go straight down the road, but it keeps turning instead of going straight. What’s going on?

A tractor-trailer system can veer off the intended trajectory if there is a non-zero articulation angle between the tractor and trailer, for example:

This can accidentally occur if you select only the tractor and set then set the yaw angle, without also selecting the trailer. 

To prevent this from happening, left-click and select the tractor, then press ctrl-left-click to also select the trailer. With both objects selected, set the yaw angle of the tractor-trailer system either using the rotation grip or using the rotation-local menu in the left side control panel. 

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