Chapter 2 | Mouse Cursor Controls


In Virtual CRASH 3, one can find the mouse cursor control types under the edit menu (see below) and by using the top control bar (see below). The user has the option to either pan the camera view without selecting objects (“Pan”); select, translate and rotate objects over which the mouse is hovering (“Select And Move”); or select, translate and rotate objects over which the mouse is hovering, as well as access quick control icons (“Select, Move And Manipulate”). We cover these options in more detail below.


Edit > Tools > Select and Move

This control is most often used in Virtual CRASH. It allows the user to mark, move and rotate an object or multiple objects simultaneously. It also allows the user to move and rotate the desktop. This function is enabled by clicking on the "Select and Move" on toolbar or hotkey [F2].

After the function is activated, the mouse pointer changes to the shape of an open hand when the cursor hovers over places where there is no object that can be selected.

If the mouse cursor hovers over a selectable object, the cursor turns into the shape of a cross. If the mouse cursor is hovering over multiple objects, Virtual CRASH will cycle through them as the user left-clicks.


To deselect an object, simply left-click on an empty space in the working window, or use alt+left-click.

Multiple objects can be selected simultaneously by using ctrl+left-click.

Once an object is selected, the quick control dialog box can be accessed by performing a right-click.


To translate an object within the scene, left-click on the object. Move the mouse cursor near the center of the object and the cursor will change to crossed-arrows. Hold down the left mouse button and move the object to the desired location.


To rotate an object in the scene, move the mouse cursor to the edge of the object until the pointer changes to a circled-arrow. Hold down the left mouse button and rotate the object to the desired position.


Holding down the left mouse button at the place where there is no object, you can freely move your desktop.

Press and hold down the right mouse button away from the place where the object is marked. In this case, the mouse pointer changes to two intertwined circular arrows. This cursor rotates the camera view.

Use the mouse scroll wheel to dolly the camera view in or out.

For more information on the “Select and Move” cursor control, see:

Edit > Tools > Select, Move And Manipulate


This control extends the functionality of "Select and Move". When using this feature, selected objects will also include a 3D manipulator with which you can change their properties. For example, when left-click is used to select a vehicle with this control, the quick vehicle control icons will appear. These icons can be used to modify a vehicle’s speed, braking/acceleration, and steering properties. This control can also be selected by left-clicking the icon on the toolbar or keyboard shortcut [F3].

For more information on this control, see:

Edit > Tools > Pan

This control enables the user to scroll the whole area of he window. By clicking on this control the mouse cursor changes to the shape of an open hand. Holding down the left mouse button, the user can freely move the camera view.

If "Pan" is active, press and hold the right mouse button, and the mouse pointer will change to two circular arrows . This cursor can be used to rotate the camera view.

Use the mouse wheel to dolly the camera in and out.

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