Guest Blog Post | Adding Striping or Color Schemes to Vehicles

In a previous post, techniques were discussed concerning how to modify the different “Element” portions of a vehicle to suit your needs, but here we will discuss how to modify the “Faces” portion to get an even more custom look for your vehicle.

First we will bring our vehicle into the Virtual Crash environment. This can be a vehicle already in the database, or a custom vehicle that you have previously set up to bring in. 

Select the vehicle, then select “Faces” from the top menu. You can now view all of the polygon faces of your vehicle. It is now time to start customizing.

Select all of the polygon faces you want to change the material type or color of. You can hold down the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard to select multiple faces if you wish. Once selected, the polygon faces will turn red to let you know which faces have been selected.

Once you have selected the desired faces, head to the left control panel and select the “faces” menu. Then click on “material” and select which material or color you would like to apply to the selected polygon faces.

For this striping on our vehicle, we scrolled down the material/color list and selected black. As soon as you make your selection you’ll notice the faces of the selected polygons change. Continue selecting faces and changing material or color type until you achieve the desired effect on your vehicle. 

Below is another example of using the “Faces” feature to add striping.

If you need a little extra help creating custom vehicles for your case, you can find us at:; we can help you modify and customize your third-party vehicle meshes, as well as help with general simulation set-up and rendering.  We can be reached at: