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Purchase upgrade from Virtual CRASH 3 to Virtual CRASH 4

Select Number of License Keys to Upgrade

Using the "PURCHASE" buttons below, please select how many licenses you would like to upgrade. See pricing for more information. All online purchases are processed by the payment system. All prices are fixed and listed in United States dollars (USD).

Multi-key bundle pricing is intended to lower the average cost per license for the purchasing organization; therefore, multi-key bundle licenses will be created under purchasing organization’s name. For example, “Smith & Associates, LLC #1”, “Smith & Associates, LLC #2”, etc. 

Upgraded license keys are distributed via USB dongle programming application, which will reconfigure your current USB dongle to unlock both Virtual CRASH 4 and Virtual CRASH 3.

Chrome users, if you experience any difficulties with the online checkout process, please try again using another browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, or Safari.

Virtual CRASH 4 Upgrade | Single Key
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Virtual CRASH 4 Upgrade | Three-Key Bundle
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Virtual CRASH 4 Upgrade | Five-Key Bundle
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Virtual CRASH 4 Upgrade | Two-Key Bundle
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Virtual CRASH 4 Upgrade | Four-Key Bundle
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Please contact for orders larger than five keys.