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I followed the instructions in Chapter 1 to install Virtual CRASH, but it looks like I’m still in trial mode. How can I fix this? 

You’ll know for certain you’re in trial mode if you see “trial version” at top of your Virtual CRASH window:

If your USB dongle is plugged in and you’re still in trial mode, then there may either be a problem with the USB dongle itself, or the way the Sentinel USB drivers are communicating with your hardware. 

If possible, try installing Virtual CRASH on a second computer in order to eliminate the dongle itself as the source of the problem. If Virtual CRASH installs and works in full version on the second computer, then the issue on the original computer is most certainly driver related. 

Below, we summarize the trouble shooting procedure, which was adapted from the Sentinel document:

Troubleshooting for USB Keys

1. Check if LED is on. If yes then proceed to step 2 incase LED is not ON it means your USB key has gone bad. 
2. Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware
3. Click on Device manager
4. Make sure there is no (!) mark or (x) mark on Safenet USB SuperPro/UltraPro or Sentinel Hardware Keys icon. 

5. If no entries are found, please check the key on a different USB port on this computer and/or check the key on another computer. 
6. If there is an (x) mark or (!) mark on Safenet USB SuperPro/UltraPro or Sentinel Hardware Keys icon. Follow the steps to uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver described in pic. 
7. If no marks are displayed, please make sure that the driver is installed properly by running Sentinel Advance Medic (see section “Diagnostic Utilities” below). 
8. If you experience any issues with the driver, please uninstall and reinstall the driver. 
9. For uninstalling and cleanup, follow the steps described below.

Quick Install/Uninstall

Quick install, please perform the following steps:

1. Log in as Administrator
2. Unplug the key(s).
3. Download and install the latest driver from the link given below:
4. Plug in the key(s).
5. Test the application software.

Quick Uninstall, please perform the following steps:

1. Log in as Administrator
2. Unplug the key(s).
3. Remove the Sentinel Protection Server/Driver/Combo.
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Vista is Programs
and Features). Select both the Sentinel Protection Installer and Sentinel System Driver,
and then click Remove.
4. Shut Down and Restart the computer system

Diagnostic Utilities

Sentinel Advance Medic (SAM) utility is used to detect that a Sentinel key (SuperPro, Ultrapro, or Hardware key), a Sentinel Driver, the Sentinel Servers and all its components are installed properly and working fine. Using SAM you can also generate log file for analyzing the issue if any.

From where to install:
You can download the Sentinel SuperPro Medic utility from the hyperlink given below:

How to use Sentinel Advance Medic:
•    Make sure the key is securely attached to the port.
•    Run Sentinel Advance Medic.
•    Click on Troubleshoot button. 
•    For generating a log file select Enable Logging check box. It will create a log file named “SentinelLog” in the current directory.

Following is the screenshot from Sentinel Advance Medic:

If the Sentinel SuperPro Medic/Advanced Medic detects the key and Virtual CRASH continues starting in trial mode, please contact, as issue could be application specific. Otherwise please contact SafeNet Technical Support via e-mail at with the error Sentinel SuperPro Medic/Advanced Medic Shows and log file generated with the SAM.

CleanUp Utility

SSDcleanup.exe is a utility, which removes all installations of Sentinel System Driver
from the system. The purpose of this utility is to solve the “sticky” installation problems faced by the customer. The “Sticky” installation problem relates to that state of Sentinel driver installation, which leaves the customer in a situation where he can neither install newer version of the driver nor un-install the older one. This utility will clean up all the installed Sentinel Drivers and bring the system to a state it was before installing any of the Sentinel Drivers.

To download:
You can download the SSDCleanup utility from the hyperlink given below:

How to use SSDCleanup:

Run the SSD Cleanup utility only if there are issues uninstalling the older version of the driver. In normal situations, the steps given for un-installation should be enough.
Note: We recommend using the normal driver un-installation (Control Panel  Add or Remove Programs) for our drivers. SSDCleanUp might remove your Sentinel protected software application and other Sentinel SDK installation. Therefore, SSDCleanUp should be used as the last option for driver uninstall.

1). Use the link below to download the SSDCleanUp utility.
2). Reboot the system.
Following is the screenshot from SSDCleanUp utility:

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